Jim Ripley (picture of jim) is a serial entrepreneur and has lived in the Okanagan Valley region of British Columbia since 1969. The southern interior of BC which encompasses the valley has experienced large and continual growth to the point that economic development of the region COULD be limited by water within the next five years. Many of Jim's business activities involve solutions for sustainable growth and development with a focus on water.

Jim graduated from the University of British Columbia in 1982 and was an instructor for Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Phyisical Education.

Jim finished a three year term on the Environmental Advisory Board (EAC) of the Central Okanagan which investigates potential ecological impacts of development in that region. In 2006 the EAC received the Mayor's Environmental Expo award for work on the local environment. He is a member of the Okanagan Chapter of the Cascadia Green Building Council and BC Sustainable Energy Association and was an executive board member for both. He has operated his own businesses since 1984 which involves water and waste water systems and has created a complete product line of components for septic systems under the brand name TURTLE TANKS and produces a synthetic aggregate under the trade name POLY ROCK. Various production plants use the ENVIROMIX concrete mixing system. He has negotiated licensing agreements to manufacture these products under trade secret agreements in North America and welcomes any international inquiries.

In 2000 Jim Ripley was hired to teach the marketing and sales program at Sprott Shaw business college and gained specific knowledge in corporate communications. Since then he has acted as a strategic marketing planner for a variety of businesses that have an environmental foundation and are construction related.

Jim has been a professional musician since 1991 and has managed numerous 3, 4, and 5 piece bands; he currently provides entertainment doing GUITARAOKE and invites his musical friends to get on stage at venues in the Okanagan.

In 2011 while touring Australia, Jim encountered Tourist Radio Australia which was an information loop broadcast on standard FM radio on low power. He was surprised that the service did not exist in Canada and upon his arrival back to Canada formed TOURIST RADIO CANADA and has set up a few small radio stations across Canada. He uses this traditional medium to promote a variety of non-traditional media products based on smart phone usage. The beta prototypes can be reviewed on SMART OFFERS.

Jim was recently the treasurer for the Kelowna Parkinson's Seniors Activity Centre which has a membership of over 2300. Since he likes to travel, he has incorporated his skills in to creating the TRAVEL CLUB and offers his "bus driving skills" to get members to the destination safe and sound.

Jim plans to build a state of the art DOME HOME in the rural area of Kelowna by utilizing his GUNITE MACHINE (for spraying concrete) and ENVIROMIX concrete truck for producing concrete. He has a small plane (which is for sale) and enjoys general aviation and likes to get out on his HONDA VTX.

His favorite project is probably Ripley's Trivia which magically combines education with entertainment; just like his great great uncle Robert Ripley (believe it or not). If you see a QUIZZARD it might be Jim.

Jim enjoys guest speaking and welcomes any invitations. In past he has been a keynote speaker for:

  • Miagreen Environmental Expo, Miami Beach, Florida (Recycling Styrofoam)
  • Okanagan College Civil Engineering Students (Entrepreneurship)
  • Westbank Chamber of Commerce (Network Marketing)
  • Okanagan Business Coaches (General Marketing)
  • Niel Bruce Middle School (Entrepreneurship)
  • BC Herbal Growers (General Marketing)

Jim always has something to sell or rent which can be seen on this website. A program has been developed to provide a tax sheltered Investment under GREEN CHIP INVESTMENTS. Feel free to contact Jim with innovative ideas that he could help move forward.