Jim Ripley Charity Contributions

Dear Charity Organizations,

Thank you for inquiring about how I can contribute to your non-profit activity or event. It is always nice to get recognition for supporting a charitable cause, however, often it is not possible; no problem...I still get some good Karma!

As a small enterprise that outsources ALL my HR, I have limited access to people to help with charitable events, however, I do

have a number of assets that may be helpful and can donate these (some on a cost recovery basis) for your events.

You can review the assets (subject to availability) and some ideas that can put them to work, if you click on them you can enlarge the picture. If you have some creative fundraising ideas for the Heart and Stroke Foundation, The "MOF SHOWN HERE" is a great way to move forward.

Hope I can help, Please CONTACT JIM

Monster BBQ

This Monster BBQ has had thousands of juicy burgers flipped on it. I have some solid grills to go with it and some custom utensils and big oven mitts. I have a license plate and magnetic tail lights for street legal transportation; 2 5/16" ball required. It uses 5 pounds of propane per hour. A standard propane tank will run it for 4 hours.

You might be interested to SEE HOW IT WAS BUILT.

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Portable Signage

I own Big Black Sign Co. and provide signage for business friends and my own enterprises. These are available for charitable events. Be prepared to pick up sign and place letters. I will supply the drill and bit and all letters...which your volunteer will have to pull from my storage container. Nothing works quite like these signs!

Low Power FM Transmitter

This is one of the assets of EVENT RADIO. It can be used in a variety of applications to bring awareness to a local event.

Shaved Ice Machine

The syrup is made from Kool-Aid crystals in water. Ice made from frozen water in an ice cream bucket works best. Can be run off an invertor and 12 volt car battery for remote locations.

Shirt Press

I operate WEARABLE MEMORIES and have experience in the T-Shirt promotional business. I can simply loan the press for your project.

T-Shirt Launch Gun

A handy tool for concerts and events to safely "shoot off" some T-Shirts to the crowd. Very fun for parades!

Mobile Stage

This mobile stage is 25 feet long and 8 feet wide. Requires ball of 2 5/16". It has a back railing that keeps bouncy musicians from falling off. Very light weight.

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Singalong Classics

Need a good old singalong? Simply go to www.SingAlongClassics.com .

I can provide the songs and player...which is any device.

Ripley's Trivia

I can provide the software to do TRIVIA for any occassion. Can be a very creative fundraiser.

Theatre Slides

I can create the slides to support Theatre Event Sponsors and provide an innovative fundraising opportunity.

Smarttickets.ca | Electronic Tickets

I can provide electronic tickets for your event. A Smart Phone acts as scanner; redeemed ticket is noted in your email. See website for info.

I lease a webserver and WEBSPACE can be provided on a long or short term basis as needed.
I have developed a process to make custom Wooden Nickels. This opens the opportunity for many fundraising solutions.
I have a professional sound system with main and monitor speakers. This can do a fairly large venue and is easy to operate. I have wired and wireless microphones and all cables to make things work.
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A half day on the water can be a great prize / reward for your charity fundraiser. Call Jim for details.
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