Opportunities with Jim Ripley
I am a serial entrepreneur and enjoy the challenges of business start ups. Although partnerships have intricacies it is often a great way to make a business move forward. Please see opportunities below which could be structured as a partnership or buyout...or partnership with a future buyout. Remember you can read about my business background on the ABOUT JIM Link and if you have a great idea; I always have time to listen!
Although I am involved in a lot of ventures, they basically all have some connection to Turtle Tanks.

For Opportunities please see Turtle Tanks Turtle Tanks (Corporate)

Turtle Tanks (US)

Please see link at left. This is the Fibreglass version of Super Igloos. I have negotiated a license to build out of concrete using my GUNITE SYSTEM.

Looking for working partner to bring this to market.

Super Igloos
Guitaraoke I developed Guitaraoke in 2005 and recently resolved licensing issues to move forward legally. Recent technological advancements could make this a great tool for performing and learning. Currently I am building a team to move Guitaraoke forward.
Need A Load Need a Load was developed to transport Poly Rock. Please call for business model.
Portable Signs This is a good retirement business. Have Sign Cutter, Letters and Silkscreens to make letters. Partner or I would consider selling out.
PolyRock Recycling Styrofoam is probably one of the most enviromentally friendly ideas I have ever come up with. We have a variety of applications of Poly Rock such as RADON ROCK for Radon Gas mitigation and TRACE ROCK for location of utilities. In December of 2015 a partnership was formed between Len Palik and Jim Ripley to develop other applications for Poly Rock.
EnviroMix was developed to make concrete for small Turtle Tank plants. This would be a franchiseable business. Partnership considered.
WearableMemories.ca is a great side business for a photographer. Could use partner or I would sell. I developed it as support for www.touristradio.ca .
We are large stakeholders in the LOW POWER FM RADIO MARKET Go to the website and have a look... there are licensing, joint venture, strategic alliance, and agent opportunities.
Smart Tours is a small company promoted by Tourist Radio to sell tours.
SmartOffers.ca is a paperless promotional offering platform capitalizing on the Smart Phone Revolution. Basically everyone has a mobile device which connects them to internet. This system connects them to promotional offers.
Smart Tickets is designed to provide economical ticketing services for events.
In leaner times I provided marketing services for Home Construction related businesses. I created an innovative "Virtual Home Show" that literally brings a Home Show to your living room. See From The Ground Up website
Tools and Technologies to make inground pools and hot tubs.

See Pools and Hot Tubs

Pools and Hot Tubs
I built the Monster BBQ for use with my radio enterprises. There is an opportunity for it to be used for the many events that take place in Kelowna through out the year.
Ripley's Trivia is the umbrella for a variety of trivia brands. This is one of my favorite projects!.
A note to young entrepreneurs. Being in business is very tough, especially if you are an innovator. You will always be thinking thoughts that everyone says will never work. Quotes from Einstein can be comforting, but in the final analysis...you are on your own...if you do not make it happen...it never will.

I am working on GREEN CHIP INVESTMENTS to raise capital for environmental projects, if you have something that is good for the environment, please let me know.