Dear Stakeholder,

The concept of putting numerous food and beverage samples for a kitchen party is definitely not new, however, in my 50 years in the Okanagan Valley, I have not heard of anyone putting one together. Enterprises large and small go to great expense to provide sampling because the purchase rate of people who sample is very high. My research is to find if there is enough interest AND if it is economically feasible. The form below helps me understand the logistical and economical challenges of moving forward with this project.

Our intention is to offer sample sizes that serve: min 4, max 6 people.

We are in discussion with parties to use as a FUNDRAISING EVENT.

Want YOUR PRODUCT on the table?


For any details: CONTACT JIM DIRECTLY.

Your Name:
Company Name:
LOCATION where your product would be picked up:
Phone (Mobile Preferred):
What PRODUCTS do you have for this program?
WHAT MONTHS of the YEAR are your products AVAILABLE?
What TEMPERATURE LIMITATION does your product(s) have?
(FOR OPTIMUM FRESHNESS) What is the maximum time between PICK UP and SERVING allowed?
Do you currently have a SAMPLE SIZE PACKS available? If so, DESCRIBE in ml or g?
If you do not have prepared samples; WILL YOU ALLOW REPACKAGING of your product(s) in a commercial kitchen?
What is the STANDARD PRICING for your product(s)?
Is there anything that you would contribute ABSOLUTELY FREE (Describe)?
Every Kitchen Party Kit would have a FEEDBACK FORM; would you like feedback on YOUR PRODUCT?
Please describe any important information that would be helpful for us to implement this concept.

We thank you for your time and input on this project.