Travel Opportunities for Jim
Below are some of the Jim's Travel Opportunities....Feel free to offer any suggestions!

Paul Mullen is a personal and business friend. We are looking at putting some Dome Homes on this property.

92-855 Prince Kuhio Blvd


Also Lookin at THIS PROPERTY


My friends (and Turtle Tank customers) own a nice apartment that has two suites in South France. Click on picture at left to view website which has suites and other important information. The Google Map Link will show location and there are helpful resources found below.

Months considering for good weather: OCT, NOV, MAY

Duration: 2 to 6 weeks

St. Vincent

I have access to a nice home in the Caribbean. This will be a working holiday for me as I plan to set up a small Turtle Tanks production system.

Months to consider: NOV to MAR

Current Plan is Feb 3rd to 17th.


Taking trip June 8th to 27 in 2015 with my good Irish friends Mel and Audrey.

Rough Itinerary

African Safari

This is on the Bucketlist.

Madeira Islands, Portugal

Link to Google Map

This is on my mom's bucketlist and I hope to take her there for a visit.

Helpful Resources
This website can provide basic temperatures for any time of the year. Find your destination, choose Weather Averages and then choose Month...very handy.